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Qigong and Insomnia with Michael Mayer, PhD

The roots of insomnia should be dealt with rather than just treating with drugs. There are many natural methods to enhance sleep. Qigong can activate relaxed energy by noticing how we breathe. Dr. Mayer shows us how to do this.
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Qigong for Hypertension with Michael Mayer, PhD

Working with the breath it is possible to "sink the chi" and change from sympathetic to parasympathetic breathing. This in combination with imagery using the "river of life" meditation is very powerful to lower BP.
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Qigong For Pain Management with Michael Mayer, PhD

There are alternatives to drugs using breath, movement, touch, sound, and imagery. Dr. Mayer incorporates both qigong and psychotherapy to deal with pain. He gives an amazing example of how he does this.
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Questioning Drug Trial Results

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Questioning Medicine With Tom Cowan, MD

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Quitting Smoking Before Surgery

We know smoking is unhealthy, but before surgery it is particularly problematic. Stopping before surgery makes a big difference in the risk for post operative pulmonary problems. The advantages are discussed.
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