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Yoga as a Tool for Emphysema with Vijaya Sharma

Breathlessness leads to the avoidance of exercise because symptoms exacerbate. Movement, especially through Yoga, is powerful tool to increase the exchange of gases in the lung. Rhythmical, smooth breathing can reduce the feeling of breathlessness. Lengthening expiration helps reduce the hyperinflation of the lungs and relieve breathlessness. Learning ...
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Yoga Facelifts with Marie Veronique Nadeau

Exercise those muscles that will not cause wrinkles while you’re exercising; this addresses sagging. Inversion is an approach that addresses sagging skin. Marie and Vicki describe exercises you can try.
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Yoga for Breathing with Deane Hillsman

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Yoga For the Eyes with Meir Schneider, CMT, PhD

Through his own experience with near blindness, Meir created a system of exercising to restore vision that is remarkable. He feels that glasses impair vision, which discourages the need to do eye exercises.
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You Have Cancer with Burton Goldberg

There are amazing CAM therapies that are unknown in the US. Chemo works if it is used correctly. An example is a test in Germany that identifies the chemo that works for the primary tumor and also for its metastases. Insulin potentiated therapy and hyperthermia are also discussed. Cancer is on the rise and we know why but do nothing about it.
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You Have Cancer, Now What?

When most people get cancer they feel an urgency to begin treatment from mainstream oncologists. It is important to understand options from both mainstream and CAM resources. Examples are given. Integrative strategies are difficult to create, but they are what we need.
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You Have Cancer: Now What?

When we first hear we have cancer, a lot of decisions must be made and we are rarely prepared to to make them. Where can we find practitioners that can provide integrative care? Actually, there is time, but we feel rushed. We make decisions based on what the oncologist knows about. There are many other approaches that need to be considered; most MDs ...
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Younging with Ofer Erez

Not everyone ages at the same rate. Maintaining good movement is one key to staying young. The human body is accommodating; if you treat it with respect it becomes responsive. It does not involve forcing.
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