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The video below is about chapter 6 of the book A Return to Healing

Shifting the model of health care from "disease" care to "health" care is necessary if we're going to enjoy good health. Preserving our level of wellness and detecting disease early are critical. Wellness includes body, mind, emotion, and spirit and an understanding of curing and healing. We need a new model: Health Medicine.


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Chapter 6: Wellness, Prevention, and Healing

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A Return to Healing: Radical Health Care Reform and the Future of Medicine

A Return to Healing is a book about sustainable health care reform and the future of medicine. It is the story of a veteran physician's experience through 40 years of medical practice and an expose of the corruption of the pharmaceutical industry, the insurance industry, medical research, medical education, the FDA and CDC, and of the US Congress. Health care has become a business first and service only when it does not interfere with return on investment. Forty six million working Americans are without health insurance, and despite the fact that we spend $2.5 trillion on health care, we are ranked 37th in the world by the World Health Organization in overall quality of care.


Saputo goes on to share the story of the Health Medicine Forum and how it pioneered a new model of health care called Integral Health Medicine. Health Medicine is built on four principles: integrative, holistic, person-centered, preventive health care. He describes the challenges and rewards he faced over the past decade as he brought this model into clinical practice at the Health Medicine Center in Walnut Creek, California.


Lastly, Saputo tackles the imperative of radical health care reform and offers possible solutions in an environment that is competitive and corrupt. He also reminds us that before we can heal our health care system, we must heal our culture, and we cannot heal our culture unless we are first willing to heal ourselves.




The video below is an overview of what Health Medicine is....

Health Medicine is defined, its history reviewed, and its principles described. It has been brought into clinical practice at the Health Medicine Center.

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Health Medicine Overview

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In the audio file below Byron Belitsos, co-author of "A Return to Healing" interviews Dr. Saputo about how the Health Medicine Movement got started.... 

Health Medicine is integrative, holistic, person-centered, preventive health care. It began in 1992, has been defined since then, and is now available in clinical practice in some areas. The history of the Health Medicine Forum and Healing Circles is shared.

Audio File
Founding Health Medicine: The Story

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In the audio file below Byron Belitsos, co-author of "A Return to Healing" interviews Dr. Saputo about how the Health Medicine center got started...

The history of Health Medicine, the Health Medicine Forum and the Health Medicine Center is reviewed. Healing Circles are described. CAM practitioners generally are treated as second class citizens in mainstream medicine. This poses severe limitations on integrative health care

Audio File
The Birth of Health Medicine with Byron Belitsos

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