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A Time for Dying

Dealing with death and dying is a very important issue. For some this is an overwhelming problem and for others it can be a time to make peace with what is happening. We need to come to terms with our situation and make important decisions about how we're going to deal with many challenging issues. Dying people need help with psychospiritual issues as well as for treatment regardless of their age. Support groups can be helpful.

Making decisions about possible treatment can be challenging when patients are dying. How much treatment and what kinds are appropriate? Every situation is different and solutions are different and must be individualized; personalized integrative solutions are needed. Family dynamics can be major factors and often times solutions are both logical and emotional. Life is a cycle and is natural. Doctors who have not come to terms with their own mortality cannot give good advice on dying. Working with physicians, families, spiritual leaders, and patients is very important.

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A Time for Dying

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