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Digestion and Immunity

One of the best kept secrets in medicine is that the gut is critical in developing and maintaining immunity. More than 60% of all immune cells are in the GI tract. How this works and is related to leaky gut is discussed.

Fat Substitutes Don't Work

Fat substitutes such as Olestra result in weight gain, not loss! They disrupt the body's mechanisms to control food intake. Olestra works by binding up to 8 triglyceride molecules in such a way that the enzyme lipase cannot begin the fat digestive process and it passes out with the stool. Side effects include abdominal cramping, diarrhea, ...

How Safe are Cosmetics? With Marie Veronique Nadeau

The ingredients in cosmetic products are not regulated and they have many toxic ingredients that are not listed. To have healthy skin it is crucial to eat a good diet, exercise, and be sure you have sufficient antioxidants. Exercising the facial muscles helps keep them from sagging.

Losing Weight with Byetta with Joe Prendergast, MD

Byetta comes from lizard spit; it is an "incretin." It helps lower blood sugar and slow down glucose absorption. There are hundreds of metabolic hormones involved in sugar metabolism. Weight loss is a "side effect" of Byetta.

Probiotics: Why They Are Important

The definition, function, and importance of probiotics are reviewed. The ecosystem of the intestinal tract is composed of at least a thousand different species of microbes. It is easy to disturb this sensitive and complex balance that can lead to important effects on our digestion and absorption of nutrients, our immunity, and overall wellness.

Role of the Digestive Tract in Keeping Us Well with Marc Weill

Digestion is just one aspect of what the GI tract does. It also regulates absorption and blockage of toxins and immunity. It is the first gate of entry into the body and its importance is generally far underappreciated.

The Dark Side of Soy

Soy has become very popular in the US, but there are aspects of it that make it wise to know its forms, if it is genetically engineered and how it affects our biochemistry. The controversies around soy are explored.

What is Your Intestinal Bacterial Type

An individual's intestinal bacteria flora falls into certain patterns that are independent of nationality, gender, and age according to a 2011 article in the journal, Nature. They believe that the composition of the GI microflora is a new biological fingerprint, just as our blood type or tissue type.  We depend on our GI microflora ...

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