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Alcoholism is a Family Disease with Kay Kopit

The entire family is involved, especially kids. Life is chaotic,confusing, and painful and not healthy. Love and caring are often missing yet responsibility and caretaking still predominate

Assessing Physician Training with Byron Belitsos

Byron interviews Len Saputo and his journey thorugh medical training as described through A Return to Healing The academics of health care are taught in medical school rather than the healing relationship that heals. A community of healers was what Len expected, but found it to be anything but that. There was not an open mind about ...

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder vs Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

New research shows that children's risk for learning and behavior problems and obesity rises in correlation to their level or trauma exposure. These findings should encourage physicians to consider diagnosing PTSD rather than ADD/ADHD, which has similar symptoms to PTSD but very different treatment. The Stanford University study examined ...

Babies Born to Abused Mothers Have More Morbidity and Mortality

The lifestyle of abused mothers is often not healthy for the child. The question of drug and alcohol use as well as poor diet, sleep, and stress all are factors leading to effects on the fetus. Their impact is discussed.

Bullying Linked to Family Violence

Both bullies and their victims are more likely to live with violence at home and are associated with increase likelihood of suicide, substance abuse, and poor academic achievement. Kids don't often have the tools needed to deal with domestic abuse and do the best they can to cope with situations that they are ill-equipped to manage. It ...

Do MDs Manage Obesity Well?

Two-thirds of Americans are over weight.  Many of those are obese or morbidly (over 100 pound over weight) obese.  It is well documented that obesity causes a number of chronic diseases, and even death.  The medical costs due to obesity is enormous.  Many people use food as a way of coping, including children.  It ...

Do MDs Overuse Medicare Services?

Mixing medicine and business lead to conflicts of interest. There are many cases where hospitals, clinics, and MDs overcharge Medicare and situations where they are restricted from delivering good care.

Faults in Medical School Training

Even medical school faculties acknowledge the outrageous stresses put on med students, interns and residents. This explains why we continue to see high rates of suicide, drug addiction, divorce, and more in this group.

Getting Healthier With Age with Ofer Erez

There is a difference between aging and becoming dysfunctional. There are clearly advantages of getting older; wisdom, experience, knowledge, skill. Abuse and misuse of the body cause loss of function. "Use it or lose it" or "abuse it and lose it" are important perspectives of aging.

Medical Residency Training Reform

Medical experts are calling for resident working hour restrictions to prevent medical errors from medical resident fatigue and lack of supervision. They called for sweeping changes in the design, supervision and financing of US hospital residency programs to protect both patients and medical residents in training from serious, preventable ...

Medical Student Burnout

Medical students are abused with long working hours and teaching methods. It is no wonder that 11% of med students contemplate suicide and that there's such a high rate of drug abuse, divorce, and suicide among MDs.

Weight Management Overview

               HOW TO DEAL WITH WEIGHT ISSUES SUCCESSFULLY Weight loss programs don't work! Today's weight management programs don't work over the long haul! Yet there is a $52 billion market that continues to convince overweight people that there is hope if they use the program or product offered ...

Why Children are Depressed

  10% of kids are depressed and far too many are treated with drug therapies. The causes of this depression are explored and approaches to treatment considered. Kids need healthy role models.

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