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Adapting to Severe Chronic Disease

Studies have documented that serious disabilities are often coped with much better than most of us think. Over time, as people adapt to disabilities, they return to functional lives.

Coming to Terms with Shame and Aggression with Matthew Fox

The hidden spirituality of men highlights the ten archetypes that describe how they operate in life. Ostracizing is the origin of shame, of not belonging. The ways we are not part of community is reviewed. Wholeness has been the way of our ancestors. Aggression is also something we have inheirited; we need to deal with this and use it wisely. ...

Forgiveness and Healing with Doug Boyd

Forgiveness is central for self healing. This is something one does for one's self. Punishment consciousness is a cultural trait that doesn't provide closure. Letting go by not connecting with the negative thought is healing. We victimize ourselves when we hold onto punishment. Punishment will take care of itself.

Forms of Stress with Dan Dunphy, PA, ND

Stress can heal and it can also kill. Stress physiology is one thing and what we experience is another. It is important to search for the underlying causes of stress. There are three types of stress: emotional or situational stress, stress as a tool to engage us in something, the stress of loss. Aspects of these types are described.    

Going Beyond Disabilities

Major disabilities are very scary, especially when pain is involved. Yet studies show that some people with disabilities adapt very well and keep a positive attitude.

Making Sense of Energy with Debra Greene

Subtle energy, chakras, meridians, auras, prana, chi, etc are being talked about but putting them all together is challenging. Science rigidly rejects what it does not understand in a very unscientific way! Turning to outcome-based research is becoming a necessity.

Not Knowing is a Healthy Start with Scout Bartlett

After we have completed our training, we have the idea we are supposed to know everything about it or we have failed. It is no different in medicine. It is healthy to realize that it is okay to say when we don't know.

Solitude in Everyday Life with Robert Kull, PhD

Being in the present was the purpose of living in the wilderness of Southern Chile for Robert Kull. His stories and their lessons are shared. Past and future are ideas that exist in our minds in the moment. We need to learn to live with what we do have rather than what we don't have. Accepting that we are judgmental and rejecting helps us ...

Somatic Experiencing with Linda Chrisman, MA, CMT

The work of Peter Levine, PhD is explored and related to how we can deal with PTSD. This powerful tool can help people who are stuck in psychotherapy move out of their head and into their body to explore old traumas.

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