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Accessing the Divine with John Kiefer

The divine reflects our awareness that we have a special energy that connects us with the universe. Being in the present is where it all happens. Methods of accessing this divine are discussed.

Integrative Medicine and Health Disparaties with Davi Pakter, MD

Health care disparaties are common and as a society we are only as healthy as our weakest link. We also need to be in harmony with our environment, and many medical treatments pay no attention to this. Mayor Newsome has created a program called "Healthy San Francisco," that provides a beginning program of integrative health care for the indigent. ...

Intuition Medicine

Intuition can be developed into a powerful tool for insight and healing. We can learn to access our intuition through training and use it to find solutions to health care issues. Being present helps us to have access to our intuition.

Metabolic Syndrome

There is an epidemic of this condition that is the precursor of type 2 diabetes and its complications. The basis for its development and how it works is discussed.

Preventable Deaths Due to Treatable Conditions in the US

The US is ranked last among industrialized countries for preventable deaths because of lack of access to health care and complications caused by treatments. The practice of medicine is complicated and dangerous. Drugs cause about 400,000 deaths annually in the US.

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