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Are Colonoscopies Effective?

Most of us assume the colonoscopy is a routine screening test we all need at age 50. However, the data is controversial and it can be argued that for people who are asymptomatic that there's no benefit when complications are considered.

Breast Cancer and MRIs

MRIs overdiagnose cancer but are too sensitive to be used as a primary screening tool, however, they are useful in assessing the extent of a cancer, once it is identified. They are costly but do not have radiation.

Breast Cancer Before Age 40

Preventing breast cancer is best. Mammograms for early detection in women under 40 is very poor. They under & over diagnose far too often as do ultrasounds and MRIs. Breast thermography is far better.

Breast Thermography on KEST Radio

Breast thermograpy is the best screening technology in medicine for breast cancer in pre-menopausal women. There is no radiation and there are few false positive and negative results. Mammography is compared.

Do Mammograms Do More Harm Than Good?

Mammograms under age 50 are controversial. The prestigious Cochrane Study Group concluded that they lead to overdiagnosis and overtreatment. Mammograms use x-rays to differentiate tissue density that is normal or cancerous; this is very difficult in women under age 50 because they have dense breast tissue that is similar to that of breast ...

Do We Overuse Heart Scans?

Medical radiation is dangerous and heart scans should not be used unless clearly needed because of the risk of cancer. Conflicts of interest lead to it being overused. The accuracy and reliability are also in question.

Informing Patients Who are Near Death

Dealing with death and dying is a very important issue. For some this is an overwhelming problem and for others it can be a time to make peace with what is happening. We need to come to terms with our situation and make important decisions about how we're going to deal with many challenging issues. Dying people need help with psychospiritual ...

Mole Mapping with Adrian Boling

Mole mapping can bring accurate screening for melanoma. It is a way of keeping a record of skin at a microscopic level. A special camera and light source are used to look beneath the surface of the skin at great magnification and illumination. The entire body is mapped and saved.

Screening for Breast Cancer

What are the best approaches to screen for breast cancer, especially in premenopausal women? Breast thermography is compared to mammograms, CT scans, MRIs, and breast examination. The basis for breast thermography is explained.

Who Should Take Your Blood Pressure?

  The best way to take your blood pressure is yourself at home, not in the doctor's office. White coat hypertension is very common and leads to false elevations that are often treated with medications that are not needed. Automatic blood pressure machines are the best.

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