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Copper Kills 97% of ICU Bacteria

Antimicrobial copper surfaces in ICU kill 97% of bacteria that can cause hospital-acquired infections (HAI). This translates into a 40% reduction in the risk of getting an HAI. Five percent of all hospitalizations are complicated by an HAI and this leads to more than 100,000 deaths annually in the US. Copper should be put on bed rails, ...

Hospital Infections

The incidence of hospital acquired infections is on the rise. Hospital staff are not taking responsibility for washing hands or changing clothing, because they are too much in a hurry. 90,000 deaths occur annually from this cause.

Lack of Hand Washing in Hospitals Can Be Fatal

It is easy to forget about washing hands when we're busy, but the consequences of failing to do this lead to many deaths, cost, and morbidity. Good isolation practices need to be enforced. About 5% of hospitalized people come out of the hospital with an acquired infection.

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