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Active Isolated Stretch with Diane Waye

Aaron Mattis created this style of active vs static stretching. Static stretching actually decreases blood flow. Stride, strength, agility, and ability to change direction quickly are improved immensely, as is elasticity.

Creating Wellness Through Lifestyle

Primary care is lifestyle medicine and promotes wellness through prevention. Mainstream medicine depends on our getting sick and relying on medications, technologies and surgeries.

Get Active in Health Care Reform

                      A Return to Healing: Radical Health Care Reform and The Future of Medicine  

Proactive Prevention Now! With Russ Jaffe, MD

It is very important to prevent disease rather then detect it early. 1% of our population spends 30% of our health care dollars. We need to improve how we deliver care and how we live our lives if we want to feel better and conserve our money.

Rethinking Inflammation with Russ Jaffe, MD

Inflammation is the final common pathway of illness. Inflammation is a repair deficit problem that must be dealt with if we're going to repair the physiology that leads to cellular dysfunction and disease. Proactive prevention through the alkaline way is a cornerstone of wellness. Homeostasis is about living in balance and harmony with nature. ...

The California Health Alliance with Russell Jaffe, MD

The purpose of California Health Alliance is to curb the epidemic of obesity and Type 2 diabetes in California. There has been an increase of 5% per year of diabetes in kids under the age of 5. We cannot afford the costs that will be generated from this epidemic. We must shift our health care model from disease care to health care.

The New Legitimacy with John Renesch

People can give legitimacy and can also take it away. We do this unconsciously by default. Legitimacy is what is allowed to happen. If we don't object to negative changes we give them approval

Tips to Avoid the Flu

What can you do to protect yourself against all types of influenza, especially if you don't take the vaccine. Stress is the most common cause that compromises our immunity. Boosting immunity rather than treating illness is the way to go. Build up the biological terrain; be proactive by living a healthy lifestyle through diet, exercise, stress ...

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