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Alzheimer's Disease

There is much that can be done to slow down or prevent symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. Lifestyle treatment is critical. Drug therapy is minimally helpful. Be proactive for the best results and keep your mind and body active. Engage in social activities.

American Society for Integrated Medical Practitioners with Russell Jaffe, MD

This new approach to medicine is based on integrative, holistic, person-centered care where the relationship between the patient and practitioner is sacred. Both an evidenced based and pragmatic approach is taken, which means that they look at causes first and not last. They must also compassionately set the example rather than preach treatments ...

Reaching 100 Years

Reaching 100 years of age is now within the realm of possibility more than ever before. How you adapt to stress and cope with it is more predictive of who has a better chance of living to 100. Staying physically, socially, mentally active and adapting to life's stresses is a recipe for longevity. A sense of humor and having a positive attitude ...

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