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Acupressure with Michael Gach

Michael Gach is an author, teacher, and founder of the Acupuncture Institute in Berkeley, CA. We instinctively use pressure points to help us with pain and other symptoms. We use our hands instead of needles and get the same result.

Energy Kinesiology with Kathy Guhl

Energy kinesiology is a hands on approach to deal with the energy systems of the body. It is a balancing system based on muscle testing, a feedback system to find out what is happening in the body's neurological system. Using energy it is possible to change the neurological circuits using the chakras system, acupressure or the Tibetian figure ...

Energy Psychology with Michael Mayer PhD

Dr. Mayer introduced qigong into psychology. Qigong brings posture, movement, breath, touch and awareness into consciousness. This integrative approach blends body and mind together in psychotherapy and affords new treatments. Qigong and acupressure are tools used to augment psychological problems.

Energy Psychology with Michael Mayer, PhD

Self healing methods for health problems by combining tai chi with psychology is described. Incorporating bodywork and acupressure with psychotherapy is synergistic. Examples of how this is used are described.

Sharing Prescription Medications

Compassion leads us to share our pain medications with people we care about when we think they might help. There are many non prescription options for pain relief that are reviewed: DMSO, ice, heat, physical therapy, emu oil, copper bracelet, magnets, acupressure, glucosamine/chondroitin, proteolytic enzymes,

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