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Adapting to Severe Chronic Disease

Studies have documented that serious disabilities are often coped with much better than most of us think. Over time, as people adapt to disabilities, they return to functional lives.

Does Exercise Help Arthritis?

Our bodies adapt to exercise, but we can also break it down if we traumatize it. They also adapt to disuse by becoming less capable. Use it or lose it is correct. Osteoarthritis is an example of over-stressing a joint. The body needs time to repair itself and analgesics are not the answer. Infrared light therapy and glucosamine are reviewed.

Exercise for Hypertension

Exercise is very powerful medicine that can treat hypertension, depression, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, osteoporosis, congestive heart failure, and many other  conditions that are reviewed. Exercise should be encouraged at every age and in every community. The type of exercise that is best is also reviewed.

Existential Anxt with Robert Kull

The feeling of being a speck in an uncaring universe occurs when we�re alone. Wind was a metaphor for being at risk for Bob in his experiences in remote Chile. Surrender made it possible to exist in harmony with the wind.

Focusing with Ofer Erez

Replacing effort with skill gets better outcomes. Learning to move takes learning and it becomes a skill that is eventually effortless.

Going Beyond Disabilities

Major disabilities are very scary, especially when pain is involved. Yet studies show that some people with disabilities adapt very well and keep a positive attitude.

Importance of Exercise for the Elderly

Exercise is especially critical in the elderly. As we lose our youth it becomes easier to lose our strength and fitness and it takes longer to get our fitness better. Walking 3 days a week does a lot to support healthy aging, better mood, and mental acuity. Exercise allows the body and mind to adapt and do more work with less energy.

MD's Ignore Back Pain Guidelines

MDs use what works for them rather than what is recommended by specialized boards. A review of mainstream and CAM approaches are considered.

Movement for Healing with Ofer Erez

How we move reflects us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It reveals how we relate to life. There are even social aspects of how it is okay to move, especially in natural movements of the hips. It reveals how we relate to life. Restricted movement is related to social reasons.

Reaching 100 Years

Reaching 100 years of age is now within the realm of possibility more than ever before. How you adapt to stress and cope with it is more predictive of who has a better chance of living to 100. Staying physically, socially, mentally active and adapting to life's stresses is a recipe for longevity. A sense of humor and having a positive attitude ...

Relationship Between Improvisation and Good Health with Sue Walden

Our ability to adapt provides options that may be very important for happiness and good health. Being authentic is key to being able to adapt wisely. Careful listening allows for intelligent processing and decision making. Sue gives examples of how our improvisational skills are valuable in our lives at all levels.

Starting an Exercise Program

Use it or lose it. Our bodies adapt to the stresses of exercise and increase our health reserves. There are many powerful benefits in a wide range of diseases.

Supplements: Who Needs Them?

It is difficult to know who needs supplements based on advertising. Lifestyle measures are always the best medicine. If this doesn't work, then supplements are a consideration. There are also times when our immune systems are not up to par that certain supplements are a good idea. Most people overdo supplements instead of taking responsibility ...

What is Health Medicine with Richard Kunin, MD

We explore a complete medical model that addresses nutrition, pollution, and stress on the one hand, and on the other our deeper spiritual needs. The job of the physician is to provide adaptation.

Younging with Ofer Erez

Not everyone ages at the same rate. Maintaining good movement is one key to staying young. The human body is accommodating; if you treat it with respect it becomes responsive. It does not involve forcing.

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