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Addiction with Julia Ross, MA

Illegal drugs are not the most common form of addiction. Addiction to food is a serious problem. Carbohydrates such as sugar and refined flour are two of the most common culprits. The brain has four appetite regulating sites that can be modified to help solve this problem.

Babies Born to Abused Mothers Have More Morbidity and Mortality

The lifestyle of abused mothers is often not healthy for the child. The question of drug and alcohol use as well as poor diet, sleep, and stress all are factors leading to effects on the fetus. Their impact is discussed.

Chronic Pain

Half of all Americans have chronic pain that interfere with lifestyle. Back pain is most common. Solutions for pain relief are discussed including prayer! Drug and alcohol addictions are common. OTC solutions are common but are not safe.

Food and Addiction with Francesco Garripoli

Addiction is common and food is a very common addiction. When we are removed from their natural environment it leads to problems. Sugar and high fructose corn fructose are classic examples of how a natural environment is affected by change. We tend to put blame outside of ourselves, this is what victimization is.

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