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Can You Die of a Broken Heart?

Shocking events can lead to abrupt very hight stress hormones levels which can stun the heart and lead to heart failure, angina, and/or rhythm disturbances that act like a heart attack. In this "broken heart syndrome" there is no underlying heart damage. If people survive this their heart returns to normal.

Forgiveness Can Improve Immunity

A study on HIV patients revealed that individuals who truly forgave someone who had hurt them in the past showed improved immune function. CD4 percentages (not total numbers) increased significantly. The degree of forgiveness correlated with the amount of improvement. One mechanism could be the effect of stress hormones that suppress immunity.

Healthy Air

Negatively charged ions are healthy. Sick building syndrome and outdoor pollution are discussed in terms of positive ions that restrict blood flow and increase adrenalin and serotonin levels.

Jon and Dave Adrenalin Chute

Jon and David Saputo Squaw Valley 2011


In the short term, the stress response prepares us for the flight or fight effects and heightens our ability to react. In the long term stress causes inflammation and decompensation.

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