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Digital Mammography

Do digital mammograms add much over conventional mammograms, especially for premenopausal women? How much radiation is saved? Are they safe in genetic forms of cancer? Are we finding too many cancers?

Hospital vs Home Care For Older People

Hospital environments leave much to be desired for comfort. Convenience in the hospital is more for the staff but at home it is the reverse. HMOs are starting to pay for home care. The pros and cons are addressed.

Integrative Medicine with Martin Rossman, MD.

As a pioneer in Integrative medicine, Dr. Rossman defines what it is, describes how it works, and why we must use it in health care today. We will do much better in helping people recover from illness by working together.

Role of Ultrasound in Breast Cancer Evaluations

Mammograms have severe limitations in finding cancers in premenopausal women, especially with dense breast tissue. Ultrasound helps differentiate solid cancerous tissue from commonly found fibrocystic changes.

Sleeping Together: The Challenges

The dynamic of sharing sleeping space is very interesting. Len and Vicki share interesting stories related to sleeping habits; snoring, white noise, colds, blanket sharing, restless legs, and much more are discussed.

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