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A Return To Healing Chapter 5: The Karma of Big Pharma: Questioning the Drug Industry

Big Pharma ties to Congress, physicians, and medical institutions. The FDA controls the way medicine is practiced. Big Pharma's advertising is a story of perfection in sales success. Direct to consumer ads, bribes to Congress, funding of research and of medical education, and even of the FDA are ways Big Pharma control the way medicine is ...

Are We Drug Guinea Pigs?

Taking a new drug is not always a good idea because they have not been around long enough to learn all their dangers. It is the effectiveness of big pharma's advertising, especially DTC ads, that entice us to try a new drug. When considering a new drug, keep in mind that you have to add up the percentages of all side effects to determine their ...

AstraZeneca Pulls the Plug on Free Trips for Doctors

  As a pharmaceutical industry first, AstraZeneca is stopping payments to doctors for attending international medical conferences. They are making it sound like they are leaders who want to do the right only took them half a century to figure this out. Do you think this is a move pressured by something other than their benevolence? ...

Big Pharma, The History of its Monopolization

There are 3 charges against Big Pharma. Patents give them a monopoly on a drug, the cost of advertizing is paid for by the consumer, and new unnecessary products are brought to market to renew patents

Drug Samples, Are They a Good Idea?

Big Pharma is very liberal in giving MDs free samples for their patients. They do this because it introduces the MD to their products and sells them. They are not free as someone has to pay for this, and it is ultimately us.

Ethical Issues in Medical Research

Yale School of Medicine researchers found a clinical trial with neurontin was a seeding trial used by Big Pharma to promote the drug and increase prescriptions. Seeding trials are not illegal but are unethical because they offer no research. They took advantage of 2700 patients and 772 investigators to complete the publication. These people ...

Influence of Advertising on Drug Sales

Can advertising in medical journals affect what pharmaceutal drugs are recommended?  Research has shown that journals that are supported through advertising are more likely to support a new drug.  Journals that get most of their income from subscriptions are more likely to publish articles and reports against a new drug.

Off-Label Usage of Drugs

Physicians can use an FDA approved drug for whatever purpose they choose. This is off label use. Drug companies cannot promote drugs for off label indications, but they do. 20% of drugs are used as off-label.

Only Drugs Can Treat Hypertension

A study comparing drugs to other therapies is presented. The pros and cons of using drugs or non-drug approaches are reviewed and discussed.

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Pleads Guilty to Criminal Offense for Bextra Ads

The scruples of Big Pharma are pathetic. They have been charged with making off-label recommendations for 13 drugs even though it is against the law. Their bottom line is profits regardless of the law or ethics.

Smokers: Are They Informed About What Smoking Does?

Surveys show that 94% of smokers don't know the dangers of smoking. Advertising has much to do with this perspective. Addiction may have a lot to do with how we don't pay attention to the negative effects of smoking.


Smoking is one of the most difficult addictions to break. It is also responsible for more than 400,000 deaths annually in the US and at a cost of $500 billion. The tobacco companies spend $20 billion per year to advertise their products. There are more than 4000 chemicals in tobacco smoke. The specific effects of smoking are reviewed. Approaches ...

Statins: Who Should Use Them?

Statin usage is way overused in medical practice. These drugs have significant side effects that can severely compromise our health. Lifestyle is a superior way to manage arteriosclerosis.

The Off Label Usage of Drugs

FDA approved drugs can be legally used for any purpose physicians choose. It is illegal for drug companies to promote off-label uses, but the law has not stopped them. FDA regulations need to be enforced.

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