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Cutting Health Care Costs

America spends 2.3 trillion dollars on health care and yet 46 million working Americans still do not have health insurance. The insurance industry only cares about profits. We need to consider a national insurance option for competition.

Healthy Restaurant Eating with Ed Bauman

            Finding a restaurant with healthy food is not easy. Because Americans eat out so often, we need accountability from restaurants. Ed is consulting with restaurants and certifying those that have certain standards. Ratings are based on freshness, local and natural, organic, and affordability


This interesting derivative from cane sugar has the ability to lower total cholesterol, LDL, and raise HDL. Studies documenting its effects are reviewed and information on its use revealed.

The Project to End Disease with Raymond Francis

The Project to End Disease was founded by Raymond Francis. Health care reform has not addressed the real problem of switching from disease care to health care. We simply do not have a sustainable health care system and there's no plan that works. Abolishing disease is the realistic solution.

When is it Important to Take Your Medicine?

The AMA reports that noncompliance with regard to prescription medication is the cause of excessive hospitalization, morbidity, mortality, and overall healthcare costs. The article fails to address those patients who suffer from adverse drug events and their related costs. They state that health costs go up about $300 billion annually because ...

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