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Do We Do Too Many Angioplasties and Stents?

Most angioplasties and stents used to treat acute heart attacks or unstable angina in the US are necessary and lifesaving. We know that these procedures are not indicated for people with coronary artery blockages who are stable; only about 3% benefit from these invasive procedures compared to medical treatment alone using pharmaceutical ...

Hospital Cleaning Agents and Safety

Most hospital cleaning agents are toxic and not environmentally friendly. A few simple tips to improve this situation are discussed.

Super Natural Home with Beth Greer

We often take good health for granted until things go wrong. We need to be proactive about our lifestyle and be sure we eat food that is toxin free and be certain we are not exposed to toxic skin care products and household cleaners. Regulation of these products is inadequate. Food is also a concern and issues such as GMO, microwaved food, ...

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