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Green Health Care with Joel Kreisberg, DC

Practicing ecologically sustainable medicine is what the Teleosis Organization teaches. Building materials are environmentally safe and non-toxic to its inhabitants and produce a safe environment. Tips to do this are offered.

Listening to your body with Steve Sisgold

Listen to your body to improve your health. The breath holds important memories that can release how we breathe. Root causes cannot be solved with drugs. Unfortunately we don't learn this in medical school. Your body is your ally and holds the answers to health.

The Dark Side of Soy

Soy has become very popular in the US, but there are aspects of it that make it wise to know its forms, if it is genetically engineered and how it affects our biochemistry. The controversies around soy are explored.

The Happy Story of GM (Genetically Modified) Crops

       "A Return to Healing" Blog: Fri, 03/12/2010 - 23:38 — BBelitsos This short but profound piece, by a Wisconsin dairy farmer named Jim Goodman, is the kind of plain-spoken information we urgently need to understand the GMO debacle--one of the pillars of unsustainable agriculture. (It was first published ...

Think Positively, Act Locally, and Live Globally with Arya Bhardwaj

We've all heard about thinking globally and acting locally. There's another important perspective that is important: do this with a positive attitude rather than with fear. Humanity is always evolving and we must make the direction positive. We must have hope.

Trans Fats: What do they do?

Trans fats are dangerous. They increase inflammation in healthy people. Markers for inflammation such as TNF-alpha, interluken 10 and 1 beta all go up with consumption of trans fats. There is legislation is pending that will decrease their availability

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