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A Fervent Call for Sustainable Health Care

         " A Return to Healing" Blog:  Fri, 03/12/2010 - 22:23 — BBelitsos A great disappointment has descended upon the majority of Americans. Both the left and the right feel let down by the federal government’s strangely inadequate package of health care reforms that is about to ...

Alternative Medicine Goes Mainstream

Americans are now demanding complementary and alternative medicine. There has been an ever-growing trend for acupuncture, chiropractic, bodywork, and herbal medicines. Even medical schools are offering courses in CAM.

Cancer Prevention and Options for Treatment

The definition of cancer means that cancer cells don't die as they are programmed, they lack apoptosis. The reasons for this range from genetic defects to overgrowth of chromosomes. Cancer is believed to be caused by genetic factors, poor lifestyle, radiation exposure, and pollution. Spread of cancer is complicated; it is not haphazard. Combining ...

Healing Circles

Take a look at how a Healing Circle is conducted.  In this video several practitioners from several different fields, make suggestions for ways the patient can help in his healing process.

Mercury: Is There Poison in Your Mouth?

For over 150 years there has been a debate between the American Dental Association, the Environmental Protection Agency, and Complementary and Alternative Medicine about whether or not amalgam dental fillings are safe.  Amalgams are the silver fillings we have in our teeth. After the dentist has prepared the cavity in your tooth for filling, ...

Preview, Cancer Prevention and Options for Treatment

The cause, effects, and definition of cancer are reviewed. Combining mainsteam and alternative strategies provides the best outcomes, but is rarely available. Early detection is discussed.

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