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Amazon Herbs with John Easterling

Herbs in the Amazon are grown in the richest soils in the planet. Malnutrition is widespread and leads to poor cell function. US lifestyle is so challenged that we especially need excellent nutrition. There are many herbs that revitalize the human body that Amazon John reviews.

Camu Camu with Amazon John Easterling

Clear your mind and brighten your day with this highly nutritious fruit that is indigenous in the Amazon. Its unique profile of unique ingredients helps clear the mind. It is very rich in vitamin C. John suggests possible mechanisms of action.

Concentrated Nutrition with Amazon John Easterling

We live in an epidemic of nutritional deficiency and concentrated nutrition is one way to boost nutrition. The Amazon has the most concentrated life energy on the planet and can help improve nutrition.

Natural Skin Care Products with Amazon John Easterling

Rain forest plants are grown in rich organic soil and what he uses in his products. We absorb what we put on our skin as much as what we eat. John discusses how many of the Amazon herbs he uses work.

Preserving the Ecology of the World with Amazon John Easterling

The Amazon is being pillaged. Farming is the biggest reason for deforestation. There are 200,000 species of plants in the rainforest. Preservation of the Amazon is beginning to grow.

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