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Controlling Hypertension

Most hypertension is caused by chronic stress and an overactive sympathetic nervous system. Mainstream medicine uses drugs to suppress blood pressure numbers, but does not address the underlying causes except in a small minority of cases. This review of the causes and wide range of treatments is presented.

How to Assess Your Blood Pressure

The best way to assess your blood pressure is to take multiple home readings. This is more accurate than taking blood pressures in the doctor's office because of the "white coat syndrome." Many people are treated for high blood pressure and don't have it a all! Overtreatment leads to complications from medications as well ...

Hypertension: Basic Principles

You've just found out you have hypertension, what do you do now? What hypertension is, how you measure it and what the numbers mean, and how you make the diagnosis is reviewed. White coat syndrome is a very common cause of elevated blood pressure.

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