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Addiction with Julia Ross, MA

Illegal drugs are not the most common form of addiction. Addiction to food is a serious problem. Carbohydrates such as sugar and refined flour are two of the most common culprits. The brain has four appetite regulating sites that can be modified to help solve this problem.

Curing Depression with Burton Goldberg

We overuse antidepressants and they are not very effective and are not safe. Poor nutrition is an often overlooked cause of depressive symptoms. Amino acid deficiencies relate to neurotransmitter deficiencies and can be measured & balanced.

Everything You Need to Know About Glutamine

Glutamine is a conditionally needed amino acid that is far underused, especially in hospitals. Supplementation helps prevent muscle breakdown, protects the bowel lining when we are not eating, boosts immunity, is the major metabolic fuel of the small intestine and is necessary for production of DNA and glutathione.

The Alkaline Way: How to Manage it with Russ Jaffe, MD

Practicing the alkaline way begins with eating whole foods that contribute minerals that buffer, healthy fats, and alkaline amino acids that exist around the periphery of the grocery store. This means including fresh fruits and veggies, lentils and beans and pulses, healthy seeds and nuts, sprouts and herbs, and natural whole foods. We don't ...

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