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A New Prescription for Addictions with Richard Gracer, MD

Dr. Gracer reviews cutting edge pharmaceutical, nutritional, and emotional approaches to dealing with addictions to alcohol and drugs. The strategies presented are a breakthrough to a new level of excellence in treating addictions.

Addiction Medical Treatments with Richard Gracer, MD

There are chemical changes in the brains of addicts that must be dealt with to reduce the cravings associated with addiction. Genetic factors are considered. Methamphetamine addiction is addressed. Abuse and dependence are differentiated.         Be sure to check out Richard Gracer's book "A new prescription for addiction"For ...

Methamphetamine Addiction

Methamphetamines are widespread, highly addictive, difficult to get off, and easy to manufacture at home. Legislation is not likely to solve the problem. It is necessary to deal with why people use drugs in the first place. Its use is related to anxiety, depression, frustration with life, peer pressure, curiosity etc. We need appropriate ...

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