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Hands of Life, A Healers Journey with Julie Motz

One's own healing energy and the holistic nature of how we heal. Unearthing our emotional traumas is key to this process and it goes all the way back to fetal life. Anesthesia in many ways is much like fetal life and we have ignored how this 9 month period affects us later in life.

Heart Monitoring During Anesthesia

Only 35% of anesthesiologists monitor cardiac output during surgery. For high risk surgeries this is dangerous as it is critical to know if adequate oxygenation of tissues is being accomplished. It is critical to know the level of hemoglobin in our red cells, as that determines how much oxygen carrying capacity we have. It is also important ...

Hypnosis and Local Anesthesia is Better and Safer Anesthesia

Using a combination of hypnosis and local anesthesia can aid in healing and reduce drug use and time spent in the hospital. It could also help avoid cancer recurrences and metastases. Two clinical studies showed these results. It appears that hypnosis works by reducing the perception of pain as suggested by functional MRI studies and PET ...

Kids, Learning Disabilities, and Anesthesia

The effects of anesthesia on our youth have been assumed to be inconsequential. However, this is not true and it has an impact on learning disabilities and much more.

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