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Aneuploidy and Cancer with David Rasnick Part 1

Theories about the cause of cancer are many but the answers are not clear. Aneuploidy is an imbalance of the number of chromosomes, In cancer they usually range between 60-90 chromosomes rather than 46. No two cancers are the same. Normal cells do not de-differentiate, they progress in an abnormal way. Gene mutations are too small to cause ...

Aneuploidy and Cancer with David Rasnick Part 2

It is the number of chromosomes, not genes, that lead to the massive changes required for cancer. There are no confirmed cases of normal diploid cancer. Cancer cells are damaged cells that are trying to survive and as a consequence they cause disease. Gene theories do not explain the progression of cancer.

Aneuploidy and Cancer with David Rasnick Part 3

How aneuploidy affects the cancer treatments we use is discussed. Today's treatment is designed to kill cells, mostly cancer cells. Antibodies against certain abnormal genes do not work--Gleevac and Herceptin are examples. Aneuploidy explains drug resistance and why treatments targeted to certain genes cannot work.

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