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Can You Die of a Broken Heart?

Shocking events can lead to abrupt very hight stress hormones levels which can stun the heart and lead to heart failure, angina, and/or rhythm disturbances that act like a heart attack. In this "broken heart syndrome" there is no underlying heart damage. If people survive this their heart returns to normal.

Coronary Artery Stents: Do You Need One?

The logic of identifying blockages in the coronary arteries and opening them with either a stent or surgical bypass makes a lot of sense. However, logic does not always turn out to provide the correct answer. We do nearly 1 million stent procedures to open blocked arteries every year in the US but unless we do them in the acute setting of ...

Do We Do Too Many Angioplasties and Stents?

Most angioplasties and stents used to treat acute heart attacks or unstable angina in the US are necessary and lifesaving. We know that these procedures are not indicated for people with coronary artery blockages who are stable; only about 3% benefit from these invasive procedures compared to medical treatment alone using pharmaceutical ...

External Enhanced Counter Pulsation with Lambert Chee, MD

This board certified cardiologist who uses this modality in his practice covers the indications, value, and applications of EECP.

Isometric Exercises For the Heart with Pax Beale

Pax tells the story of his having angina, a heart attack, his survival, and the importance of exercise.

Medications After a Heart Attack are Crucial

If you have had a heart attack and you don't take your prescription medications leads to an 80% higher risk for another heart attack. Nutritional alternatives are likely as good as medications, but few MDs know sufficient information to do this safely. Drugs such as beta blockers, afterload reducers, and anticoagulants. Some natural alternatives ...

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