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Anti-Aging Smaging with Lani Simpson, DC

We live in a culture that deifies youth. The Premarin and Provera fiasco is revealed. The conflict interest of Big Pharma is revealed. Bioidentical hormones are overdone too. Natural progesterone during perimenopause, especially with low bone density. The role of lifestyle with diet, exercise, sleep, stress reduction, weight management is ...

Exercise as Antiaging Medicine with Frank Shallenberger, MD

Aging accelerates as we get older and it becomes more and more important to exercise to slow down this process. We can measure the aging process by determining when they shift from burning fat to burning carbohydrate. Exercise is the most powerful factor that slows down aging.

Getting Younger and Healthier with Age with Sherrill Sellman, ND

Antiaging hormones are overdone. The HRT story is a wake-up call. Bioidentical hormone treatment is not a panacea, in fact, it is untested. Indigenous perspectives are worth noting.

Staying Young Forever with Lani Simpson, DC

Anti-aging strategies and dangers of Premarin, Provera, and Botox are discussed. Big Pharma can sell most anything to both patients and doctors. The Women's Health Initiative Study showed how dangerous HRT is.

Younging with Ofer Erez

Not everyone ages at the same rate. Maintaining good movement is one key to staying young. The human body is accommodating; if you treat it with respect it becomes responsive. It does not involve forcing.

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