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Antioxidants and Cancer Treatment

Dr. Saputo and Nurse Vicki discuss how antioxidants can be used in the treatment of cancer.


There is an epidemic of autoimmune diseases that include hay fever, asthma, diabetes, collagen vascular diseases, and hypothyroidism. The causes of this epidemic range from heavy metal toxicity to drugs and environmental toxins. Our immune system attacks our tissues and we use drugs to suppress our immune system. There are other options ...

Co-Enzyme Q10, What Is It and What Does It Do?

A review of what it is and what it does is presented. It is derived from tyrosine and it is required for energy production. It is also a powerful antioxidants. Statins interfere with the production of Co Q10 and this is discussed.

Coenzyme Q10 Improves Hypertension and Congestive Heart Failure

Recent data has documented once again that coenzyme Q10 improves hypertension and can prevent congestive heart failure. It can improve cardiac output by as much as 39% and significantly increases exercise capacity of patients with all levels of congestive heart failure. It has many other functions such as increasing HDL cholesterol, immunity, ...

Do You Need to Supplement Your Diet?

Do we really need supplements such as vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and important nutrients? If you live a healthy lifestyle you may not need supplements; if you don't you likely need supplements. You can overdo supplements and megavitamins have their downsides. Toxic exposures are a good reason to consider supplementation. The best sources ...

Everything You Need to Know About Glutamine

Glutamine is a conditionally needed amino acid that is far underused, especially in hospitals. Supplementation helps prevent muscle breakdown, protects the bowel lining when we are not eating, boosts immunity, is the major metabolic fuel of the small intestine and is necessary for production of DNA and glutathione.

Parkinson's Disease and the Failure of ATP Production

Parkinson's disease is not cured by any treatments we have today. Treatment is centered on blocking the symptoms of this chronic disease. There is a failure of energy production in vital areas of the brain that make dopamine. The energy producing part of the cell, the mitochondria, don't make enough energy to make dopamine and Parkinson's ...

Prescriptions for Health Radio Show: April 1, 2011

Prescriptions for Health on DemandApril 1, 2011 Welcome to the Premiere of Prescriptions for Health Radio Show on Dr. Len and Nurse Vicki explore the following topics: Worrying about breast cancer Japan fallout Power of prayer and thought Infrared light therapy Diabetic drugs for prevention Atrial fibrillation Vicki's ...

Reconciling Science and Spirituality with Michael Buchele, MD

Reconciling science and spirituality is possible through the philosophy of Arthur Young. The Theory of Bioprocess is the outcome of work from Frank Barr and Mike Buchele.

What You Need to Know About Radiation Exposure

The radiation disaster in Japan is a serous problem in Japan, but not in the US yet. The levels of exposure up to this point have been diluted sufficiently that it is only a minor issue for those of us who live on the west coast. The best treatment is the use of antioxidants to combat the ionizing radiation such as natural vitamin E, selenomethionine, ...

What You Need to Know About Radiation Exposure part 2

For the short term iodine can be very helpful to prevent the uptake of iodine 131. Using iodine for more than two weeks can have problems. Using mixed antioxidants is the best defense against all ionizing radiation. Iodine can induce both hypothyoidism and hyperthyroidism. If you're going to use iodine for more than two weeks it may be helpful ...

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