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Addiction with Julia Ross, MA

Illegal drugs are not the most common form of addiction. Addiction to food is a serious problem. Carbohydrates such as sugar and refined flour are two of the most common culprits. The brain has four appetite regulating sites that can be modified to help solve this problem.

Appetite Suppressants

Appetite suppressants not only don't work well but have serious safety issues. Lifestyle issues such as, stress, insufficient sleep, lack of exercise as well as endocrine issues are important.

Cultivating an Appetite You Can Trust with Julie Motz

The dream of every overeater is how can I have a normal appetite. Deprivation is not the right concept for successful weight loss. What is in the way of successfully regulating your appetite is addressed. Julie discusses these ideas.

Link Between Mother's Diet and Childhood Obesity

Medical researchers have discovered that a mother's nutrition during pregnancy can affect a child's risk for obesity many years later. They show that diet can change how DNA expresses itself with regard to appetite regulation. These epigenetic changes suggest that measures to prevent childhood obesity should also target on improving the ...

Never Be Fat Again with Raymond Francis

There is a pandemic of obesity and diets will not solve the problem because they are not scientifically sound. Our cells know what they need in our diet and if they don't get it they send messages to our appetite center saying eat. However, what we eat is not what we need; it is fast food that is relatively devoid of the nutrients we need. ...

Pollution and Obesity

Environmental pollutants can cause obesity! Toxic chemicals cause inflammation and inflammation causes insulin resistance and leptin resistance. This combination increases our appetite and our tendency to store fat, and that leads to gaining weight.

Time Lived with Obesity Linked to Mortality

 The weight loss industry is $52 billion annually. Diets don't work, diet pills don't work, and weight loss programs don't work. Few people can sustain the weight they lose over the long term. New research now shows that how long you are obese is strongly linked to mortalilty. Results from the Framingham Heart Study over 48 years show ...

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