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Applied Kinesiology with Marc Weill

It is difficult for MDs to open their minds to the field of applied kinesiology because they dont understand energy medicine. It works on babies and animals! Much of kinesiology is related to acupuncture and the meridians.

Beyond Chiropractic with Mitchell Corwin, DC

Applied kinesiology was born within the chiropractic profession. It is a methodology to evaluate and treat neurological disorders within the central nervous system. It involves muscle testing like a biofeedback tool that allows the practitioner to find out what is happening in the nervous system. Muscle testing is allows investigation to find ...

Energy Medicine with Marc Weill

Marc takes a look at energy medicine from the perspective of applied kinesiology and describes how he uses it and what it treats.Applied kinesiology, iridology, electrodermal screening are some of the modalities used in energy medicine in Europe that are starting to make their way into the progressive health care practitioners practices in ...

Freedom Through Kinesiology with Richard Richman

"Motion" and "study of" are the ingredients of kinesiology. By testing muscles it is possible to assess organ function because they are interrelated. There will be a muscle weakness when there is organ dysfunction. Applied kinesiology is applying what you know about movement to organ function. You can make a diagnosis based on muscle weakness, ...

Full Spectrum Health Care with Marc Weill

Marc Weill practices full spectrum health care. His range of practice includes a wide range of disciplines that such as energy medicine, applied kinesiology, bodywork, nutrition, homeopathy, acupuncture, psychospiritual work, and much more. Uncovering the cause of a health problem is key to management of symptoms.

Treating Stress With Applied Kinesiology with Mitchell Corwin, DC

The way stress affects our body is discussed. Its effect in brain communication is unconscious and profound as it affects the rest of our body too. The relationship and impact of PTSD is explored. Treatment is presented.

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