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FDA Pulls Darvon Off the Market

After 50 years the FDA is pulling Darvon off the market. What took so long and what does it reflect in terms of how the FDA works and how Big Pharma withholds what it knows about the side effects of its drugs. Thousands of people have died from heart rhythm disturbances. The lack of ethics, the conflicts of interest, and the dishonesty of ...

Off-Label Usage of Drugs

Physicians can use an FDA approved drug for whatever purpose they choose. This is off label use. Drug companies cannot promote drugs for off label indications, but they do. 20% of drugs are used as off-label.

The Saftey of Newly Approved Drugs

We are guinea pigs whenever a new drug comes onto the market. This is especially true for drugs that are "fast tracked" through the FDA. Post approval clinical trials are required in this setting by the FDA from big pharma, but often they are not done. Older drugs that have been on the market for decades are generally better tested and safer.

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