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This ancient system of using essential oils is powerful and effective in fighting infections, boosting immunity, relaxing our bodies, and stimulating our minds. There are many practical applications such as Bach Flower Remedies that can be used.

Aromatherapy Relaxes Emergency Room Nurses

Aromatherapy treatment was shown to lower the anxiety of emergency room nurses. Yet this is not done in clinical practice. It could be used in the hospital to relax the entire staff and patients. Lavender would be a good example. Massage therapy is another very useful relaxants, especially for surgeons.

Transforming Dentistry with Fred Pockrass, DDS

It is possible to shift the emphasis of dental practice from that of the doctor's side to the comfort side of being a patient. Aromatherapy, foot massage, soft music, and relaxation are central in this setting. Meditation, breathing techniques, noise cancelling headphones are examples of what can be used.

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