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Anger and Heart Disease

Anger affects heart rate variability in a way that increases sympathetic tone and the risk from lethal rhythm disturbances. Type D personality has been described that reflects anger. De-stressing can reverse this situation. Challenging situations challenge our faith in universal power and offer the opportunity of learning lessons of life that ...

Anger and the Heart

Our emotions can have serious effects, both good and bad, on our heart rhythm and function. Anger can cause fatal events and this is presented. Sympathetic and parasympathetic balance is discussed and distressing is suggested.

Heart Attacks

People with heart disease who don't fill their prescriptions have a much higher risk for death because of further heart attacks, congestive heart failure, and serious rhythm disturbances. Mainstream and complementary and alternative treatments are reviewed. There are many nutritional strategies that are also useful, but unfortunately physicians ...


This mineral has profound effects on our biochemistry and physiology in many diseases such as asthma and heart disease. Measuring it is under-utilized and should involve measuring intracellular levels, not just serum levels.

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