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Antidepressants Linked to Thicker Arteries

Antidepressants have now been linked to arteriosclerosis. Studies on the thickness of the carotid artery show that there is a progression of arteriosclerosis that is four times more than normal if someone is on an SSRI antidepressant in identical twins when one is on an SSRI antidepressant the other is not. This adds to the welln known dangers ...

Calcium: How Much Do You Need?

Calcium needs vary with each person. Too little calcium leads to osteoporosis and too much to arteriosclerosis. Our diets have insufficient calcium but over-supplementing is equally problematic. The relationship to vitamin D is reviewed.

Does Everybody Need Milk?

Is the fat in milk put us at risk for arteriosclerosis, or does it reduce the risk. It depends on which information you believe. The pros and cons of milk consumption are discussed. Milk sensitivity, lactose intolerance, and milk allergy are discussed.

Foods that Prevent Cancer

There are a wide range of fruits and veggies that have strong cancer prevention properties. Examples are given such as pomegranate and cranberry. Effects on cardiac blood flow are also discussed.

Heart Attacks Overview

The causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and consequences of heart attacks are reviewed. Laboratory tests to assess the extent and dangers of arteriosclerosis are described and mainstream and alternative forms of treatment offered. Prevention and reversibility are reviewed.

Magnesium for Bone Density

Magnesium deficiency affects 80% of us. It is critical for hundreds of enzymatic reactions in the body. We need about 500 mg of magnesium glycinate. It is critical for building bone. Many micronutrients and lifestyle measures are needed to build bone. The dangers of calcium supplements in causing arteriosclerosis and kidney stones are ...

More Problems With Antidepressants: Do They Cause Cancer?

A meta-analysis of 61 studies that was published in the prestigious Public Library of Science looked at the relationship between antidepressant usage and breast and ovarian cancer. There was a statistically significant increase in risk for both these cancers in women on SSRI antidepressants. The findings remain controversial because women ...

Prescriptions for Health Radio Show: April 8, 2011

  Dr. Len and Nurse Vicki explore the following topics: Health care reform Schemes to cut Medicare costs Environmental pollution Prostate cancer screening: does it pay off? Using digitalis to treat breast and prostate cancer Antidepressants found to cause arteriosclerosis The benefits of maple syrup Vicki's 20-20 tips Greenwashers unwanted ...


The types, causes, and treatment of stroke are reviewed from both the mainstream and CAM approaches.

The Best Heart Screening Tests with Beverly Rubik

There are a number of new tests that are not in the mainstream that take assessment of arteriosclerosis to a higher level. By measuring the pulse wave in a finger we can assess the state of vascular arteriosclerosis in the heart and brain and even reverse the amount of plaque with interesting supplements. This simple and affordable test needs ...

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