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Air Pollution Causes Heart Attacks

Longterm exposure to polluted air, even within accepted federal levels, leads to heart attacks. Particles less than 2.5 microns from power plants and car exhaust, are the culprits.

Arthur Young and the Theory of Process with Mike Buchele

There is a relationship between consciousness and matter that Arthur Young's Theory explains. There are four levels of existence: fire, water, air, earth. In physics these levels are: photons, nuclear particles, organization into the atom, and lastly organization into molecules.

Ghost Writing for Medical Journal Articles

Good research is often misrepresented by Big Pharma writers who skew the data to support positive outcomes. They hire ghost writers for this specific purpose. The business of Big Pharma takes precedence over integrity & service.

Medical Journal Articles: Should the Public Have Free Access?

We pay for the National Institute of Health's research with our tax dollars. Yet we pay again to get the information from medical journals. Medical journals have become a business first and service when possible.

Nanoparticles and Sunscreens with Vicki and Stacy Malkan

Nanoparticles are tiny versions of chemicals. It is new technology and not studied for the impact on human health. They are very absorbable and used in many products. There is lots of marketing by commercial products to make us think they are good, but they can be dangerous, especially if put on our skin because they can go to our ...

Nanoparticles: An Overview

Nanoparticles are extemely small particles that can travel to parts of the body where normally they are not found. The safety and long term effects of these particles is unknown, but we're using them anyway! Titanium issues are discussed in terms of possible relationship to lung cancer. The safety tests are being done on the population at ...

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