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Here at we hold the philosophy that each of us has the potential to improve and maintain our mind/body health at an optimal level. This is what we refer to as "self empowerment."   We believe it is time for what Len Saputo, M.D. calls in his medical practice "patient centered care" ...and what we refer to here online ...

How to Assess Your Blood Pressure

The best way to assess your blood pressure is to take multiple home readings. This is more accurate than taking blood pressures in the doctor's office because of the "white coat syndrome." Many people are treated for high blood pressure and don't have it a all! Overtreatment leads to complications from medications as well ...

Overdiagnosing Hypothyroidism?

We cannot rely solely on blood tests to access thyroid function; they miss too many people with hypothyroidism. Measuring the basal metabolic test is the gold standard to diagnose hypothyroidism.

The Best Heart Screening Tests with Beverly Rubik

There are a number of new tests that are not in the mainstream that take assessment of arteriosclerosis to a higher level. By measuring the pulse wave in a finger we can assess the state of vascular arteriosclerosis in the heart and brain and even reverse the amount of plaque with interesting supplements. This simple and affordable test needs ...

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