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Antidepressants and Osteoporosis

The question is are depressed people susceptible to osteoporosis or do the drugs they take cause osteoporosis. The data favors the latter. Len and Vicki discuss the data.

Is the Mercury In Amalgams Dangerous?

Is mercury really an issue with amalgams?  Amalgams are the silver fillings we have in our teeth. Just one filling exceeds the EPA’s limit for an adult and has for over a hundred years.  While you chew, an amalgam can release toxic vapors. Inhaled elemental mercury vapor is more toxic that if you were to swallow liquid ...

Kids, Learning Disabilities, and Anesthesia

The effects of anesthesia on our youth have been assumed to be inconsequential. However, this is not true and it has an impact on learning disabilities and much more.

Mercury: Is There Poison in Your Mouth?

For over 150 years there has been a debate between the American Dental Association, the Environmental Protection Agency, and Complementary and Alternative Medicine about whether or not amalgam dental fillings are safe.  Amalgams are the silver fillings we have in our teeth. After the dentist has prepared the cavity in your tooth for filling, ...

Statins and Cancer Risks

Statins were shown to be cancer producing in animals but may actually lower the risk in humans. Data shows a possible minor benefit in this regard but they should not be used for this purpose because of other side effects.

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