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Drug Free Treatment for Headache

Drugs are not necessary to relieve headaches. Chiropractic adjustment of the neck is effective, especially if there is misalignment. Treating the triggers of headache can relieve the pain within minutes.

Essential Oils and Energy Healing with Elizabeth Anne Jones, PhD

Essential oils have a powerful impact on energetic healing. Kirlian photography shows how the human aura changes in the presence of different oils and has an impact on the energy of our chakras. Examples of the effects of essential oils on chakras is described. Smell, emotion, and memory are stored in the hippocampus and are available through ...

Healthy Restaurant Eating with Ed Bauman

            Finding a restaurant with healthy food is not easy. Because Americans eat out so often, we need accountability from restaurants. Ed is consulting with restaurants and certifying those that have certain standards. Ratings are based on freshness, local and natural, organic, and affordability

McDonald's in Pediatric Hospitals: What is the Message?

Follow the dollars and you'll understand why this has happened. Today's medicine does not appreciate the value and importance of good nutrition. Mainstream medicine doesn't practice nutritional medicine, not even GI MD's.

Should Calorie Counts Be Posted on Restaurant Menus

When calorie counts are posted we tend to consume fewer calories. Legislation passed in NY and should be in California soon to require posting. Super-size me has become the norm and we must stop this.

Wellness City Challenge with Raymond Francis

Nutrition is essential for wellness. There are three simple dietary rules to follow that are critical for health. Walnut Creek is setting the example of what a city and county can do to help our kids get and stay healthy.

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