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Actos and Bladder Cancer

Both Germany and France have taken Actos off the market because of an increased risk of getting bladder cancer. The US is taking no action. Global sales of Actos are in the vicinity of $5 billion annually. All three "glitazone" drugs for type 2 diabetes have a poor track record. Rezulin was taken off the market more than a decade ago because ...

Actos: Can it Prevent Type 2 Diabetes?

Drugs that increase the sensitivity of insulin in theory should be effective in preventing and treating type 2 diabetes. However, the glitazone drugs have turned out to have serious side effects that limit their use in clinical practice. The drug, Actos, is the one glitazone that could possibly be safe and effective in both the prevention ...

FDA Stalls on Evaluating Avandia

Even though Avandia increases both heart attacks and heart deaths the FDA has been lax in dealing with this problem. The incestuous relationship between the FDA and Big Pharma is disclosed.

Inhaled Steroids Cause Fractures

Patients with COPD who use inhaled corticosteroids to improve breathing for more than 6 months have a 27% increased risk for bone fractures. The risk goes up as the dosage increases. It was previously assumed that inhaled steroids would have a predominantly local effect, but now we know this is not true. Treatment should consist of lowering ...

Is Avandia Safe?

Avandia remains on the market in the US despite serious health issues that include more than a 50% increase in heart attacks and mortality. All three "glitazones" have safety issues. Rezulin was taken off the market more than a decade ago because of severe liver disease. The third drug, Actos, remains suspicious but up to this point seems ...

Low Glycemic Index Linked to Higher Mortality

For patients over the age of 60 it appears that the target hemoglobin A1c level of less than 6.0% are associated with a higher death rate. This happens despite the fact that the complications of type 2 diabetes are far lower when A1c levels are less than 6.0%. The best overall outcomes occur with A1c levels between 6.0 and 8.0.Nonetheless, ...

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