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About Waking Up with Robert Moss

Dreams are about waking up to the real issues in life. Techniques to awaken are offered to awaken. Listening to dreams is very important; they offer great insights to problems. Visions of possibility are offered. Dreams, coincidence, and imagination are the "three only things" that Dr. Moss highlights.

Awakening to the New Medicine with Byron Belitsos

Byron interviews Len Saputo about his militaristic medical treatment. 11% of medical students consider suicide. Creating a healing relationship is primary in medical practice. Keeping an open mind about other discipines is critical. The story of my wife's illness led to finding a solution outside of medicine that finally led me to an integrative ...

Movement: Awakening the Body with Nirinjan Yee, CMT

Movement is a way to awaken the body and restore psychospiritual balance. How we sit, stand, and move is a reflection of how we are. Breath is another powerful tool. Movement can access healing energy.

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