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Are Smokers Informed About the Dangers of Smoking?

Surveys show that 94% of smokers don't realize the risks for smoking. Many smokers don't realize there's an increased risk of lung cancer, emphesema, or even heart attacks. Breaking the addiction is very difficult.

Biofeedback as Mind Body Medicine with Eric Peper, PhD

Biofeedback is a mirror that feeds back what the body is doing. We can use measurement tools to show us what is going on at all levels to provide awareness of what is happening and then learn from the patterns of our body function and then modify the way we respond through the use of imagery and thought. Some of its use is for pain of headaches, ...

Conflicts of Interest with "Pink Ribbon" Leaders

Most people think that "Pink Ribbon" leaders are doing a great job in helping prevent the breast cancer epidemic. However, they are sponsored by cosmetic companies that include products that cause cancer; this includes Estee Lauder, Avon, and Revlon. Breast Cancer Awareness Month was started by a drug company, Astra Zenica, that sells chemotherapy ...

Conscious Awareness of the Body with Kathleen Dunbar

Body, mind, emotion and spirit are one thing, the human being, not pieces that are put together like a jigsaw puzzle. Working on any perspective of who we are has obligatory effects on the rest of who we are. This is why working on the body is a powerful way to work on the whole self.

Emotional Types Influence Self Awareness with Judith Orloff, MD

There are four types of emotional behavior that characterize how we repond to life and they are reviewed: linear, emotional, gushers, and the rock. Self awareness of these types provides valuable information about who we are so we can get more out of living.

Mindful Eating and Obesity with Sandy Severin, MD

Mindful eating can help stop overeating and help us differentiate need from recreation. Unconscious eating is what we do. Calories in and calories out are discussed. Being in the moment brings greater pleasure from eating.

Somatics and Peak Performance with Nirinjan Yee

Building on our strengths to increase our capacity is a powerful tool. Movement and breath help us access peak performance at every level. Being in the moment allows us to fully concentrate on what we're doing; it is the zone.

The Philosophy of Healing with Wes Rocki, MD, PhD

Healing is much deeper than treating symptoms. Respecting nature and interfering only when necessary is a real talent as a healer. Physician heal thyself is essential to be able to help others. As the healer heals patients, the healer heals. Intuition and inner vision must be integrated into the return to wholeness.

Touch with Deane Juhan

Touch has a profound effect on our development. Sensate awareness regulates how our physiology and emotions develop and operate. We can learn more about who we are through touch and it is a powerful tool for recovery.

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