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Ayurveda as Lifestyle Medicine with Vijaya Stallings, PhD

This practice of holistic medicine from India is the oldest of all lifestyles. It is about the knowledge of life. It originated as a preventive approach. There are 20 universal principles of Ayurveda that are used to evaluate all symptoms. Deficiencies and excesses are determined from the pulses and examing the tongue. Western medicine looks ...

Ayurveda with Vijaya Stallings, PhD

The principles of Ayurveda are reviewed and the scope of its practice reviewed. Body types, diet and personality characteristics are explored. Ayurveda is more than a health care discipline, it is a lifestyle practice.

Gandhi and Ayurveda with Arya Bhardwaj

The principles of Ayurveda are reviewed in terms of celebacy, the type of food that is consumed, and proper sleep along with the principles of Gandhi. Ayurveda is more than a health care discipline, it is a lifestyle practice.

The Journey to Wellness is the Return to Wholeness with Vijaya Stallings, PhD

Ayurvedic wholeness is described. Separation from one another leads to fear. Our roots of consciousness arise from the wholeness of the cosmos and when we stray from this it leads to separation and conflict.

The Way of the Peaceful Warrior with Arya Bhardwaj

Life is about giving, not taking, and about being peaceful, not violent. This gives us the basis for the developent of community. Gandhi introduced this non-violent approach for political and social transformation. Showing by example offers the possibility for learning through inspiration.

The Way We Choose to Live Our Lives with Arya Bhardwaj

The way we live our lives dictates how the world will be. Non-violence as a way of living is the teaching of Gandhi. Progress is one step at a time and setting the example is the way for social transformation. Gandhi and Ayurveda offer the historical example of a philosopohy that embraces community and peace developed from non-violence.

What is Ayurveda with Professor Arya Bhardwaj

Ayurveda is an ancient indigenous way of life. It means life-knowledge. Human life is not just as a physical entity. There are four basic principles of Ayurveda that Professor Arya describes. This is a way of life that is 5000 years old. It is holistic and integral.

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