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Women's Personal Health Assessment and Measurement - Public Version
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This is a self assessment designed by Dr. Saputo and Nurse Vicki for women only.  This powerful tool is your opportunity to assess your unique female mind/body/spirit issues that women face every day.  This Public Version is a free, limited version for you to use anonymously.  Members of Vicki's Wellness Program for Women are offered a more extensive version as well as a Weekly Self Monitoring Assessment that provides personal Tracking Graphs, a monthly eNewsletter, and many other Member benefits.  Enjoy!
1. I would describe my overall energy level as... 
Sure our energy goes up and down at various times, but how would you describe your "typical" level of energy...

Note:   All Questions require an answer from you unless they have an asterisk * next to them, in which case they are optional. Thanks!


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